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Adoption Application for Newfoundlands

Incomplete applications will NOT be processed. If you don't have any dogs now, tell me about your past history with dogs and the vet that took care of those dogs contact info. If no vet information given, we won't process the application at all.

PLEASE do NOT apply if you are not ready NOW or if you have not spoken to your significant other about adding a 4 legged canine to your household/family. If you apply without following the above statement and are approved, but you decide you are not ready now or your significant other is not ready, after we have spent time on your application....you will be put into our private do not adopt to ever file.

Dog/Cat Adoption Application

Type of animal you are applying for:
Name of animal applying for:
Your name(first and last):
Your street address:
City, State, Zip Code:
Home Phone #:
Cell(or pager) #
Email Address:

Household Information:

Do you have pets now?

If you have pets now how many and what kind (please describe them), if no, tell us about your previous dog history
How long have you had them?
How old are they?
Are they primarially indoors or outdoors?
Please explain:
Veterinarian/City:(current vet or past vet)
Vet. Phone # (no #, we don't process)
Date of Spay or Neuter (if any)
Where does your pet spend the most time?
Do they come inside to sleep?
How many children are living in your home and how old are they?
How many hours is the family away from the house?
Where will the pet be sleeping?
Has anyone in the family ever been bitten by a cat or dog?
How long have you lived at your current residence?
Is your yard fenced? Please describe your yard:
Do you rent or own?
How long at your last residence, did you have pets at the last home, if so where are they now? If not, why not?