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ADOPTED DOGS (in 2006)
Dogs adopted in 2005 are here or for full page of ALL 2005 & 2006 adopted on same page go here.

The dogs below are our Happy Tails Dogs..all already adopted and in new homes.

The photos on this page are of Newfoundlands rescued from January 2006 to the present 2006 so far. Where there are two photos, the top is the before photo, and the bottom is the most recent photo or after rehab photo.

Lancelot, now Chance
Londonderry, NH

Brett (Bubba and Malaki are siblings), now named Ben
Washington State

Cindy, now named Smudge
Upstate NY with Marilyn D.

Bubba - Heart Murmur pup
Madison, WI and surgery was done on him by his adoptive family..he'll live a normal Newf. life

Bon Jovi, now Malakai
North Carolina

Dubois, PA

Hibbings, MN


Stevie, now Lolly
Ontario, Canada with Angela

Ollie, a heart murmur pup
Upstate NY

Ringo (Ben)- Now Deceased (from Bloat)
Dallas, TX

Lily- Ringo's buddy, formerly Bonnie
Dallas, TX

Minneapolis, MN

Mom [Luna] and pup [Minnie]
Both live in MN, but in separate homes.

Minnie, pup to mom at left

Sampson, saved from death at a shelter in TN
Rhode Island

Oh, CAT!!! I need an updated photo!

Las Vegas, NV

Shaq lives in North Carolina
Shaq, Skye, Sneaky and Stanley are from a litter of a Newf. mom, all are mixes.

Stanley, now Coal

Sneaky, now Levi
Peoria, IL

Minneapolis, MN


Payton is the most laid back of the littermates. He is also the biggest/tallest of his siblings. He now resides outside of Little Rock, Ark.

Domino & Goldie's before shot

Domino (right) and Goldie's after photo with their new family in Chicago, IL

Domino had to be lassoed just to be brought home. Both of them, along with Katie, Blossom, were terrified of leashes when they first came to us. Jenifer worked on Domino(who had the worst case of leash fear), while I worked on the other three. All 4 walk excellent on leashes now.

Blossom, now known as Jenna and resides in Rockford, IL

Jack is Jenisis's brother. He is now in Prairie Village, KS with a lab sibling, Chloe

Clifton, VA

Johansson now lives in Memphis, TN, and Bronson, now known as Wilbur lives in MN.

Tator, is now Jo
Lives near Minneapolis, MN

Bailey, now Prada
They turn 8 months old on August 15th. More photos are coming. Bailey is being fostered in MN.
Adoption Pending for Bailey in the MN area.

Balderdash, now known as Mac (short for MacGyver)
Adopted, almost home in Rapid City, SD

Now known as JJ, and resides in Ontario, Canda

This girl now resides in northern MN, and her name is now Willow

Chestnut now lives with her new family in Quincy, IL

Near Allentown, PA

Onyx (dob 11/21/03)
Adopted by her foster mom in upstate NY


Hamilton, Madison's brother
Now lives in Western IL with his sister

Bridget is now renamed Bragherra and lives in Reno, NV

Now resides in Bremerton, WA

Cary resides in Maryland now.

Austin, now Sampson
Lives in San Diego, CA

Phineas, formerly Charlie
Philadelphia, PA

Northern WI (WAY NORTH)

Coco, now Brittney
Baltimore, MD area

Lilly 's new home is in Ontario, Canada

Any now lives in Maine

Baltimore, MD area

Sandi, now resides in Maryland

Raven, just a pup, now lives in Iowa

Isabel, (was Star) now lives in Ontario, Canada

Bogey, male 7 yrs old

Bacall, female 7 yrs old

Both Bogey and Bacall were adopted to a family in PA TOGETHER!

Rochester, MN

Rufus lives near Peoria, IL

Jack (courtesy listing)
Was placed by his breeder locally

Inky, lives in Texas

Cookie now lives in Salt Lake City, Utah

Fonze, now Baloo
Resides in Columbus, NE

Tate lives in Maryland now



Ebony is near Joliet, IL.

Photo is forthcoming of this 3 yr old gir

Susie, 18 months old

Chicago area with her new sibling Ember

Natasha has been adopted and lives in MD

Berkley now resides in RI

One boy, now Gunther lives in MA, the other boy now lives in St. Louis, MO

Currently on Long Island, NY

Currently on Long Island, NY

Special now lives on the coast of North Carolina

Gidget lives in Rhode Island

Goldie, Domino, Katie, Blossom, Nicole, Hercules, Mom and baby were all from KS Breeder Closeout from this past February. Ringo/Ben, Lily, Dyna, Beefy, Jenisis, and Jack are some of those from this year's auctions. There are some that are NOT listed yet.