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The photos on this page are of Newfoundlands rescued 2008.

Blackie and Waffles

Blackie with his girl companion, Waffles.

RETURNED and with us now.

Sir Knight

Lives just north of KC, MO now.


This girl now resides in PA.

Ally - DOB 5/07

Ally lives in southern MO now.


Durango and Stella live their new home in NY.
Durango had entropion on all four eye lids that were fixed.


lives in NY with Durango now.

Rose lives in Wyoming now.

This girl was h/w postive and treated prior to being placed.

Tasha is now Miss Mauley and lives in MD

Angus is now in VA

Lives in NC now, named Murphy (as in Murphy Brown, a female)

Wyndam is being named Wilson and is going to MI

This boy is lives in northern WI

Now resides in Dallas, TX

This boy locked his new mom out of her hotel room in Nashville during his first hours with her. They went home the next day to FL

This little boy now lives in Newfoundland, Canada

Peaches lievs in Corning, NY now.

Clarisse, now Claire lives in Spokane, WA

Millie is adopted (along with Winston) and now lives in Upstate NY

Diablo lives in Virginia with a yorkie buddy.

Henry is this big baby's name. He calls Mass. his home now.
Elektra lives in Maryland

Remi is now Bruin and lives in Iowa with his new family in Ames.

Pepper now lives in the St. Louis, MO area

This pair went to Colorado

Cookie is in Chicago, IL

Rocky is a 7.5 yr old lovebug lives in St. Louis with a few cat pals.


Natalie lives in a great home near Baltimore, MD
Newton lives in Strafford, VA


lives in Overland Park, KS

Elmo lives in NH now.
Ozzie lives in MD


She now lives in Texas.



Lives in Pennsylvannia now.

Dominique's new home is in Chicago, IL

Roxie lives on Long Island, NY



Lucy lives in a suburb of Chicago
Barney lives in Denver, CO (an AWESOME boy)

Princess Gracie

Lives in Virgina


She will be going to MA soon.



Nana lives in OH with a family who ADORE her!


Rufus now lives with a fireman...in near Columbus, OH

This boy now lives in Fredricksburg, VA.

Dallas, now Harley


This boy is being adopted by his foster family in NY