Donna, attached is an updated photo of Peaches, it does not do her justice, she is just a wonderful sweet and loving girl but every time I get the camera out she seems to think that is the best time to come up and give me kisses or put her nose on the camera. Peaches has come so far in the year that she has been here. As you know when she got here she was very shy and timid and her coat was bleached to an almost blond color. She has gained strength in her rear and can now run and play with the other dogs without falling. She is still a clutz but she never gives up. Peaches was diagnosed as a seizure dog but I am happy to say that in the year she has been here she has not had any seizures. She loves people and happily greets everyone human or canine who come to visit. She loves her canine siblings and takes every opportunity to snuggle up with them. She is a healthy happy Newfoundland that I am very thankful to have as a member of my family!