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Our Adoption Policies and Procedures

We are a small rescue, and are run by just two volunteers predominately. We have a simple adoption process. We must have an application before going forward. Fill out the adoption application and we will check your references and do a phone interview, maybe two. A home check may be required as well.

Our adoption fees are as follows;

8 wks thru 7 months - $450 (+plus spay/nueter deposit, depends on the age of the pup)
8 months thru 5-6 yrs - $400
6 yrs and over - $125-$250, based on health, and age of dog
Any with a known health issue is also varied.

Our fees are straight and those that don't need as much, have their excess fee applied to the others that have more medical needs. So a dog that may cost $1000 (i.e. just diagnosing a heart murmur dog can run to about $800 alone) to have issues resolved, still gets adopted at the above rates, just as one that may have only had vet fees of $150, still get adopted at the above rates.

Transportation costs to your home is your responsibility and is above the adoption fee. If we can organize a run by volunteers, and feel the dog can tolerate being handed from stranger to stranger, we will do so. Otherwise, there are ground transporters and airlines. If we have a few going to the same general area of the country, we can then split the cost of the drive among the various adopters.

All dogs leave already spayed or neutered, up to date on shots, rabies certificate and all 7 months and over are h/w tested.